Private Investments

Private Investments

Totem Capital Corporation is seeking private investment opportunities in Canada and the Northwest United States.  We aim to invest between $1 million and $5 million in each opportunity, though have flexibility to invest more or less in select situations.  While we prefer majority equity positions in private corporations, we do consider minority positions or even non-equity investments.  

We are flexible in our investment approach, seeking quality businesses operated by strong management teams rather than being focussed on a particular industry or business type.  

We don't have expertise in commodities and hence aren't a well positioned partner for these businesses.  We lean away from investing in start-ups and lean towards difficult or complicated situations that require a (sometimes substantial) investment of time and patience to understand.

Facilitating a planned or unplanned succession event or purchasing a non-strategic or non-core asset or business from a larger entity excites us the most.

We enjoy bringing more than capital to our partners; we hope to leverage our experience to help make great businesses even better.  We are open to a full succession event in which we assume full-time management of the company.

Characteristics that are appealing to us in the businesses we partner with:

  1. Exceptional management - great companies are built by great people; 
  2. Excellent employee relations with low turnover and high employee engagement at all levels;
  3. Many satisfied long-term customers with demonstrated "word of mouth" referrals; 
  4. Demonstrated integrity; and 
  5. Long-term commitment to reinvestment in the communities in which the business operates.

We believe that these five factors drive strong revenue and cash flow growth over time.

If you own a business that you believe fit these criteria, we would welcome the opportunity to connect.

If you are an advisor to a private corporation or its owner(s) and believe Totem Capital may be a good partner, we would appreciate the opportunity to connect.  We believe in recognizing the value strong advisors bring to the investment process and as such are glad to provide appropriate recognition for an exclusive conversation on consummated investments.


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